Summer Time House Hunting OBX Style!

Tips For Visiting Homes in the Outer Banks during the Summer Months –

So,  you are thinking about purchasing a home in the Outer Banks and since you are likely to be visiting in the summer for your vacation anyway, it seems like a perfect time to go house hunting. Unfortunately, during the summer months, it can be difficult to get into the homes without planning ahead of time.  Typically, the only time a home in a rental program can be viewed, is during the turnover time.  This usually falls between 10:00 am and 4:00 PM on a Saturday or a Sunday. There are even a few homes that have a Friday turnover.  You should also be prepared to see the homes in some state of disarray if the cleaning crew has not yet finished their job  of getting the home in tip top shape for the next set of guests. A few simple tips will allow you to accomplish your goal of house hunting while on vacation. First, it is best to narrow the list down to a few likely choices, so that you will have time to see them in the relatively short window of turnover day.  Before you arrive, you can familiarize yourself with the area and the neighborhoods by signing up  to receive listing alerts on homes that meet your pre-determined criteria. Many websites allow you to do this on your own, or your buyer’s agent can set it up for you.  Second, once you arrive you may want to drive by your favorite homes to confirm that you would, indeed,  still like to see them.  Lastly, make sure to set up an appointment with your agent early, because the showing schedule fills up quickly, since most homes need to be shown on one particular day of the week.

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