What To Do In Winter 2018 – Outer Banks


The Outer Banks, along with many areas of the country, has experienced a much colder than normal year. We have even had snow twice already! This is a novelty for us. Winter is actually a perfect time for many activities in our area. So in addition to curling up with a good book in front of a fire, and watching football on Sunday afternoons, I have listed below a few of my favorites:            O

One of my favorite things of Winter 2018 just started, THE WINTER OLYMPICS! For complete information and a schedule of events CLICK HERE and enjoy.  There are, of course other favorite activities for every winter, including this one.

For beachcombers, the shells and beach glass are plentiful, and with fewer people walking on the beaches, you are likely to find a sizable treasure.

For peaceful walks in the woods, two local favorites are Kitty Hawk Woods and Nags Head Woods. These two walks are especially fun in the winter and if the snow gets packed down there are a few good hills for sledding. You may also find sledders or even and occasional skier or snowboarder at Jockeys Ridge, during a snow.

If you like to shop, winter is the perfect time to find bargains at many of the local retailers. Some of the stores have limited hours, so it is always good to check before.

For dining out options, while some restaurants do take some time off to recharge and freshen up, but those that are open, are not likely to be too crowded and many have some fun winter themes on various nights of the week.


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